LENGTH (km)120

VTTI has embarked on an exciting project to build a 120 km pipeline between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. As the two biggest ports in Europe, they have a major impact on the European economy.

The RotAn pipeline (Rotterdam – Antwerp) will be the most technologically advanced in the region, with all state-of-the-art safety measurements incorporated into its design. The pipeline will start at VTTI’s terminal in Rotterdam, where three extreme-power full booster pumps will move the product in one go towards the Port of Antwerp. The pipeline will also be connected to the NATO pipeline system and a large number of customers in the Port of Antwerp.

A strategic position under the Zandvliet locks in Antwerp has already been built to support the further development of this unique project.

Although the majority of the pipeline will run underground, it will benefit from high-quality steel in significant quantities. In fact, the project will demand as much steel as it takes to build a terminal with 500,000 m³ of storage. This ranks it alongside many of the other major ventures that VTTI is developing worldwide.

  • Terminal name Rotterdam / Antwerp Pipeline