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Fraud and scam alert

Fraudulent offers and business propositions

We have become aware of fraudulent offers and business propositions by people who introduce themselves as employees or representatives of VTTI. Such individuals have attempted to use VTTI’s, its terminals’ and/or employees’ names and logos in order to cover authenticity and are generally seeking up-front fees and undue payments. Frequently, these people use false documentation to lead people to believe that they are true representatives of VTTI (and or its terminals). The commercial contracts and supporting documents appear normal and, in general, aim to obtain invoices and or email confirmations that could be used illegally in future business deals with other targets.

VTTI takes these matters seriously and immediately notifies the appropriate authorities to effectively address the issue.

Be aware that VTTI is not involved in any business relating to Jet Fuel 54 (also referred to as JT 54 or JP 54) and any documentation purporting any transaction relating to this product is fraudulent.

The Dutch National Cyber Security Centre has made available a list of websites that are implicated in storage spoofing. For more information, please access:

Business fraud can be a sophisticated scam and, among others, could be shaped as:

  • unsolicited business propositions;
  • fictitious job opportunities;
  • prize awards and grants.
Warning signs
  • E-mail correspondence sent from (or replied requested to) free web-based e-mail accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Live, etc.
  • Use of mobile phone numbers and contact details that are not official company numbers
  • Requests of up-front fee or any type of money payments
  • Requests of personal and financial information, often at an early stage
  • There is an insistence on urgency
  • Misspellings, poor grammar and use of English
What to do
  • Do not engage with the original sender or forward the fraudulent communication
  • Do not respond or disclose your personal or financial details to unsolicited offers from people, email addresses or social media that you do not know or trust
  • Please contact us and contact your relevant authorities.

Please be aware that VTTI Group companies’ names and identity is being used fraudulently in these instances and we cannot accept any responsibility.