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HSE officer at VTTV — Cyprus

“The safety of others always take precedence.”

“The safety of others always take precedence.”

What do you do at VTTV?

My main responsibilities are reviewing and updating HSE procedures and policies. I also administer the HSE Committee, participate in incident reviews, near miss investigations and drill exercises. Most importantly, I promote the safety culture among our personnel, contractors and visitors.

What kind of person do you need to be to do your job?

Confidence and conviction are essential. You may need to take tough decisions to provide a safer working environment, so the ability to cope under pressure and do what’s best for the safety of others always take precedence.

How did you join VTTV?

I started as a trainee, which gave me the opportunity to begin my career as a HSE data administrator and then as HSE officer.

Have you changed as a person since you started working here?

I have become more outgoing. I’m energised by being around other people.

Do you have job satisfaction?

Yes, I feel free to do the job in my own way and I can contribute my own ideas.