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Operator at BCT — South Africa

“My workday is always a diverse and exciting.”

“My workday is always a diverse and exciting.”

What challenges have you faced in your job?

I came to BCT from retail, which is a completely different kind of business. The open and entrepreneurial culture at BCT was something very new and refreshing for me.

What’s your typical day

Each day starts with a safety toolbox meeting where we discuss general and plant issues. Then a variety of things can follow: cross-pumping product from the neighbouring refinery, helping to discharge a vessel, assisting tanker drivers to load up, or tank swaps. Whatever is on the agenda, my workday is always diverse and exciting!

What has been the best experience so far?

I joined the terminal while it was still being built. The transition from construction to full commissioning of the plant meant a huge step forward for me. Once the terminal was open it signalled the start of my full role as an operator.

What type of person do you need to be?

Analytical, quick to solve problems, detail-focused, results-driven, proactive, systematic and a go-getter. I exercise a lot, as my job entails a lot of physical work.