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Customer Service Representative at ATPC — Belgium

“We use our storage capacity to the max. ”

“We use our storage capacity to the max. ”

What are the main features of your role?

I work on detailed planning for the refinery and tanks, following up products for quality and tracking all the liftings by trucks and vessels. I also supervise the bitumen upgrade plant.

Have there been any particularly pleasing challenges?

When I joined in 2007, the plant produced almost no bitumen, using just one of the six overhead tanks. Our challenge was to revitalise the facility. Today, we use our storage capacity to the max and have totally improved our loading capability. Ask any driver: we now have some of the best bitumen loading stations in Europe.

What type of person do you need to be to work here?

You should be able to handle hard work and pressure, be flexible and open to change and be a team player.