We are VTTI

More than a leading energy storage brand

VTTI is one of the world’s leading energy storage brands. But a brand is not just a logo or a name. We live our brand through the VTTI Way, which sets out the essence and culture of our company.

The VTTI Way sets out the core qualities that characterise the way we work. It guides our people on the style and spirit of our company and the way we do things all over the world.

The VTTI Way is about the power of the individual but also the strength of the team. It’s about knowing how to act dynamically, but also in a smart and savvy way. It’s how professional entrepreneurs build our business, and people create careers.

I Am Benjamin

HSE - Navgas, Nigeria

I joined Navgas as a control room operator, and later had the opportunity to switch to being an HSE Manager. This was a highly motivating and challenging role for me, requiring a new set of skills and disciplines. I promote awareness of HSE and establish a culture that makes safe working our absolute priority. Anything and everything I do, I do with the aim to maintain a safe place to work.

I Am Margit

HSE - VTTI HQ, The Netherlands

Safety and the Core Qualities go hand in hand. A Dynamic Strategy, for example, is only dynamic if it’s safe, and you can only be Risk Savvy if you’ve carefully assessed the situation first. Productivity, leadership, ownership – these qualities are only meaningful if they’re built on safe planning and responsible working.

Five core qualities

The VTTI Way is underpinned by the five Core Qualities which guide and inform every part of VTTI. Select one below to find out how it applies to the various functional areas of the business.

We are
dynamic strategists

What makes the energy business so interesting is that it’s always changing.

So we need to anticipate the dynamics of the markets, be quick thinkers when opportunities arise, and shape our own future, before the future shapes us. This takes dynamism in our strategic decisions. A mix of creativity, speed, and the confidence to be bold. To deliver this, we invest in people’s skills so they can be at the top of their game. And we provide the resources to turn that dynamism into action.

I Am Oscar


At Fujairah, we responded, in a very short time, to a tender opportunity from an energy company to create a new project involving an additional 430,000 m3 of storage and two Crude Processing Units. The team jumped into action: within a week of the approach, Commercial, Technical, Operations and Projects were formulating a design, and within a month, the customer was looking at a considered proposal. We won the contract and built the new tank facilities safely, on time and on budget. Our enthusiasm to respond quickly and expertly was the key component in gaining the business.

I Am Wendy

Legal - VTTI HQ, The Netherlands

Very often, a part of what makes a strategy ‘dynamic’ is speed of thought and action. Many times, VTTI has been successful in acquisitions and contract negotiations by moving fast. But that can never be allowed to mean a compromise on the quality and clarity of our thinking. So here in Legal, we stand ready to support the business with carefully considered input, coupled with the dynamism that’s required.

We are
risk savvy

We are professional entrepreneurs, making use of all of our abilities to create our future.

We continuously track market intelligence, and use lateral thinking to look at things from unexpected angles. And when we identify an opportunity, we move fast to seize it. We are Risk Savvy. This doesn’t mean avoiding risks altogether, but combining quantified reasoning and our own judgement and expertise to understand and mitigate them. The result: safe operations and business-focused decisions.

I Am Yuri

Business development - VTTI HQ, The Netherlands

For me, Risk Savvy is the most important Core Quality and the one that makes us different from competitors. Growth cannot always be found at the ‘easy’ places in the world anymore. If you want to be ambitious and stay ahead of the pack you need to be smart and professional without being reckless.

I Am Fatimah

Engineering & maintenance - ATB, Malaysia

As a business guru once said, not taking a risk can be the biggest risk of all. If your competitors are venturing into new territories, or technologies, and you stay on the sidelines playing safe, you can find yourself being left behind. Of course you don’t charge into something, either. You just need to be savvy, anticipating the risks, understanding them, and then managing them down to an acceptable level.

We are
collective leaders

At VTTI, we act together. This means taking responsibility for the success of the business as a whole – not just our own job.

So we all get involved to help solve problems, contribute an idea, and exchange information and experiences. By showing this Collective Leadership, we become a fluid and cohesive network. We create bridges between continents and cultures, and work with the same values and purpose, in an authentic and non-political way. When we all think of ourselves as Collective Leaders, we develop and thrive.

I Am Jose

Finance - FTL, UAE

Back in 2013, a plan was discussed to make a public share offering, as a means of attracting fresh capital for investment into the business. The sheer complexity of this puts off many businesses, and so does the timescale – it can take 2-3 years to prepare. Typically, VTTI was not only undeterred, but decided to go for it in a timescale of months. What followed was a superhuman effort, led by Finance and Legal to deliver everything required – and all while managing the usual demands of their daily roles. This was Collective Leadership at its best, as everyone came together to deliver the impossible.

I Am Rene

Operations - ETT, The Netherlands

As a service business, we live by delivering our promises to customers. So if ever there’s an issue that affects, for example, the smooth handling of a vessel or a product transfer, it’s everyone’s issue, no matter where it is in the process chain. When it’s needed, we work collectively to address a problem, exchange ideas, devise workarounds and not be content until it’s solved. To the customer, we’re not a series of departments – we’re a single collective called ‘VTTI’, and that’s how we act and respond.

We are
productive people

We depend on tanks, pipes and pumps, but it is our people who make the difference and create our future.

We are a lean and efficient company. We don’t hire two or three when one great person can do the job. Our people have real qualities. We are self-starters who like to take ownership. We don’t sit around waiting to be told what to do. We are always working on how we can do things better, or more safely. In turn, we invest in our people. Whether that’s in core training to help people in their current roles, or by opening up new opportunities across the VTTI world.

I Am Amy

Office management - VTTI HQ, United Kingdom

I am the only member of support staff at LHQ, so it is my responsibility to run the office and support the others in whatever way is necessary. They are all busy people, so it is important that I am one step ahead and can anticipate what they need. If they’re not prepared, they can’t do their jobs properly. If I can help in any way, no task is too big or too small. So that can range from organising a GM meeting to managing a virtual dataroom. I am not one to just sit around!

I Am Chakir

Commercial - ETA, The Netherlands

People often think being more productive means ‘doing more’. But often, it’s about efficiency, finding a better and smarter way to do something. In turn this can produce more quality, and/or better quantity as well. Productive People have a restless quality to them. They’re always convinced there’s an improvement waiting to be achieved – and of course they’re right.

We are
creative owners

We give our people important responsibilities. And with those responsibilities comes Creative Ownership.

Our people have the freedom to be creative, to devise ideas and find their individual way of working, whilst working in a professional setting. Our people own their work and are accountable for it. And in turn, that leads us to innovate, work better, produce more and go home safe.

I Am Carlos

IT - VITCO, Argentina

I work in IT infrastructure, and that has taken me to many of VTTI’s assets around the world. Working away on an assignment, you need to adapt to local conditions and make decisions sensitively. That includes taking ownership of anything that can stand in the way of doing a good job. On one project, for example, some critical IT hardware was stuck in Customs, while a major construction project was waiting to get started. You can’t just shrug your shoulders – you own that problem, you get down to Customs and you start turning on the charm!

I Am Jose

Operations - Seaport Canaveral, USA

As a leader, you take Creative Ownership of your team’s challenges and opportunities, working with them to find creative and effective ways to work towards a common goal. But ownership also extends to being quick to give credit, when that work is completed to a high standard, on schedule and, above all, safely.

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