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VTTI part of consortium looking into importing hydrogen via Rotterdam

December 7, 2022
VTTI announces that it has joined an 18-company consortium to study the possibility of establishing a large-scale ammonia cracker in the Port of Rotterdam that would enable the import of 1 million tons of hydrogen per year for the decarbonization of industry and transport in the form of liquefied ammonia. As part of its diversification strategy, VTTI is developing and implementing projects in the hydrogen export and import value chains.

The large central ammonia cracking facility would convert the imported ammonia back into 1 million tons of hydrogen per year.  The hydrogen could then be used in the port industrial area or transported onwards via pipelines to facilitate the decarbonization of other industrial clusters in northwestern Europe.

As a general rule, one million tons of hydrogen can facilitate approximately 10 million tons of CO2-reductions.

The pre-feasibility study, which will be conducted by Fluor, will look into the technical, economical, environmental and safety requirements of a large cracking facility. Initial results are expected by early 2023.

Hydrogen and derivatives such as ammonia will play a key role in the energy transition to replace natural gas, as a raw material for industry and green chemistry, and to support sustainable transport. A large part of the hydrogen for northwestern Europe will be imported in the form of ammonia, which is easier to ship than hydrogen.

Read full Port of Rotterdam news release >


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