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This is our story

A long way in a short time

Founded in 2006, VTTI started its energy storage operations with four terminals. Modest in capacity, we had a clear vision. To set up a different kind of energy storage business. To do things differently. To think like our customers. Like true entrepreneurs. We still have this driving passion.

Providing active solutions in the key energy locations of the world, we have a proven track record of growth. We have created brand-new, world-class greenfield terminals in locations like Rotterdam (ETT) and Malaysia (ATB) while also acquiring, enhancing and revitalising established terminals like ATPC in Antwerp. Almost all of our locations have undergone major expansion projects since becoming part of our network.


VTTV, Cyprus

We now have over 10 million m3 of storage capacity located across five continents. Our terminals are amongst the most advanced in the world. A combination of ultra-modern greenfield terminals and upgraded facilities, with years of trusted service behind them. We are always evolving to meet the needs of a constantly changing market.

We are continuously investing in our existing and new terminals in innovative, sustainable solutions that reduce their environmental and carbon footprint.

Patsa, Panama

We are now one of the world’s fastest growing independent storage providers for energy and other essential products. A global company focused on the future. Continually thinking ahead. Developing new ways to store and distribute energy, chemicals and energy alternatives.

VTTI is co-owned by Vitol Group, IFM and ADNOC. Partners, who between them, have more than 100 years of experience in the energy business.

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