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Storing around the world

We store energy and other essential products at key locations around the world, striving to provide outstanding customer service, operational flexibility and co-creation. We feel responsible for the products that we store, for the customers that we serve, the people that work here and the communities that surround us. For what we can do and what we can achieve. Together.

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9 million m³ of storage capacity across 14 countries in 5 continents

Our product portfolio. A long list getting longer.

We offer complete solutions from crude, gasoline and naphtha to jet A1, fuel oil and diesel. And we are always moving forwards. Introducing new products and services. Constantly thinking about what’s next. Diversifying, by providing storage for both energy and essential chemicals. Our ambition includes working towards storage and blending solutions that enable energy alternatives.  We are already storing LPG and biofuels, and aim to include LNG soon.

We think with our customers

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