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Our projects

Playing our part in creating tomorrow’s world  

In a rapidly changing world, VTTI is working towards a sustainable future and is significantly reducing its carbon footprint.  Scaling up to help achieve decarbonisation and move towards zero emissions. VTTI New Energies is developing new ways of thinking, creating new renewable energy initiatives and by doing so, actively looking to fuel the transition to the energy solutions of tomorrow. Energy Transition: We make it our business.

VTTI New Energies focuses on exploring new renewable energies opportunities, understanding and implementing the latest technologies to offer sustainable solutions and on helping to build the emerging renewable value chain. Renewable energies, including renewable natural gas, hydrogen carrier fuels, carbon capture storage, waste-to-renewable energy solutions and many other exciting developments, are the future of the energy market.



Renewable Natural Gas 

Renewable natural gas (“RNG”), a key element in the bio economy, is one of the sustainable energy solutions VTTI New Energies can offer its customers. It will make a substantial contribution to the energy transition. Turning organic side and waste streams into energy is just the start of the journey.

RNG carries energy liberated from organic materials such as waste from the food and agriculture industries. From these organic materials, RNG and other derivatives, like bio-LNG, bio-CNG, organic fertilisers and reusable water, can be produced. RNG can be used to fuel transportation, generate heat and produce electricity by-products from this process such as organic fertilisers play an essential role in regenerative farming.


Hydrogen will play a crucial role in the energy mix in the long term. Hydrogen is versatile, can be produced from the cleanest renewable resources such as solar and wind and has the potential to decarbonise even hard-to-abate sectors. That’s why VTTI New Energies is focusing on handling blue or green hydrogen, particularly in the form of the emerging hydrogen fuel carriers such as ammonia. We are now actively researching the opportunities to facilitate the new hydrogen economy and be part of the wider supply chain.

Waste to renewable energy  

VTTI New Energies is investigating how large agricultural, municipal and industrial side streams and residues can be transformed into valuable products, to foster a transition towards a sustainable economy. Creating value by harnessing stored energy or reusable resources from organic and industrial waste streams is our key objective. By doing this we deliver energy or resources that either avoid fossil fuel usage or limit the amount of virgin raw materials needed in energy production or manufacturing. This includes solutions such as waste plastic-to-liquid fuels and refuse-derived fuel-to-chemicals.

Carbon Capture

Given the urgency to reduce global emissions and the time it takes to build a new energy economy, VTTI New Energies will offer to capture and store recycled carbon dioxide for further usages an so will enable a direct impact on reducing CO2 emissions. Building on our existing infrastructure and locations, we can facilitate capturing the emissions and thereby contributing to climate goals. At the same time, we continue developing new solutions and process innovations towards net-zero and renewable energy solutions.