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Health, Safety & Environment

We are guided by one simple principle: people first. The people who work for us, the people who work with us and the people around us. We take our responsibilities seriously, our HSE policies provide a clear set of high standards that apply to all our facilities worldwide. The VTTI “Life Saving Rules” actively pro­mote safe behaviour to ensure the safety of people involved in our operations.

Personal Safety. Always on.

We are always asking questions. What have we learned today? How can we improve our operations? How can we further ensure safety? Our people are positively encouraged to speak up. Our motto: make sure everyone goes home safe.

Safety. Focus on the future.

Of course we learn from past information, but we also focus on “leading indicators” which means we focus on prevention and improvement. We measure everything, every day, at every terminal. That’s how we improve our standards and create international best practices.

Constantly measuring means constantly improving the performance of our safety programme. A team of management and operators carry out regular Safety Observation Rounds. They are trained to identify where improvements can be made. Their findings are logged, assessed and acted upon.

ETA, The Netherlands

ETA, The Netherlands

We encourage our people to report near misses, because that increases the chance of avoiding incidents in the future. We treat a near miss as an actual incident, identifying the root cause to ensure that it never occurs again. We measure everything, every day, at every terminal. That’s how we improve our standards and create international best practices.

Our Environment

At VTTI, we share a collective feeling of responsibility towards the environment that goes above and beyond the legal requirements that apply to our business and the minimum standards that we have set for ourselves. We are continuously investing in our existing and new terminals in innovative, sustainable solutions that reduce their environmental and carbon footprint.

Concrete examples from our terminals include weaning our terminals off the gas grid and using solar-generated vehicles to power our plant vehicles, investing in vapour recovery technology to minimise the impact of our loading operations, building strippers to produce low-sulphur naphtha and investing in waste gas treatment to reduce emissions. We envisage a world where everyone has access to energy, other essential products including renewable energies and the energy solutions of tomorrow.



Committed to working sustainably