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VTTI breaks ground on its first biomethane facility in the United Kingdom

August 14, 2023
Plant will produce green energy from organic feedstocks, creating clean energy for the country

Rotterdam, Netherlands – VTTI, one of the world’s largest energy storage infrastructure companies, began construction on its first bio-energy production plant in the country which when complete will produce 60 gigawatt hours (GWh) of renewable natural gas per year in Lincolnshire, UK. This is enough clean energy to heat over 5,000 homes annually.

The development of the Glentham Green Energy (GGE) project is part of VTTI’s strategy to invest in sustainable forms of energy storage and processing that will become a fundamental part the future energy landscape. The facility will be part of VTTI’s growing portfolio of bio-energy facilities in Europe.

Commercial operations at the facility are due to begin in the second half of 2024. The plant will process organic waste streams from agriculture, such as chicken manure, potato waste and break crops, then inject this upgraded green gas into the National Gas Transmission network, helping to reduce the UK’s dependency on fossil fuels and contributing to the country’s sustainability goals.

In addition to green gas, the facility will produce organic fertiliser, that will be used locally to displace fossil-based fertilisers and enrich the soil with valuable organic material. The use of green gas production residue as a feedstock will help close the nutrient cycle and avoid methane emissions that would have otherwise arisen from alternative disposal methods.

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